1-Wire Term 1

Product information "1-Wire Term 1"

Active termination for 1-Wire networks

In a 1-Wire network, the 1-Wire Term 1 provides a defined termination at the end of the 1-Wire network, thus ensuring a stable and professional 1-Wire network. The 1-Wire Term 1 is therefore a basic component of every 1-Wire network. The module contains a passive and active terminating resistor and a signaling of bus activity.
The active termination (1-Wire Term 1) is highly recommended to increase the maximum line length and improve the system stability of the 1-Wire network, especially for long 1-Wire lines and for a star or tree topology setup.

In a 1-Wire network, up to 3 1-Wire Term 1 modules can be connected.

The 1-Wire Term 1 is very compact and can be ideally installed in a flush-mounted box.

Function Termination for 1-Wire networks, active
Channel 1 channel
Operating voltage 5VDC, max. 5mA
Display 2, LED for power and 1-Wire data
Miscellaneous Integrated overvoltage and reverse polarity protection
Dimensions 40x40x25mm (LxWxH)
Scope of delivery Module and operating instructions

Integration into 1-Wire network

The 1-Wire Term 1 module is mounted at the end of a 1-Wire network cable.
If the 1-Wire network is star-shaped, i.e. with several 1-Wire cable sections, a 1-Wire Term 1 module should be connected to each end.
You should not use more than three 1-Wire Term 1 modules in a 1-Wire network.

Linear Topology

The structure corresponds to the linear topology with the difference that the slaves are connected to the main line via cables with a length of more than 3m (branch, stub).

11355-1-Wire Term-1 Topology-_linear58eb833c5525d


Star or tree topology

The network is divided into several large strings at or near the 1-Wire bus coupler / 1-Wire controller /1-Wire hub (bus master). Sensors and actuators (e.g. switching modules) are connected at the end or along the respective string.


For more information, please refer to the operating instructions under Links/Downloads.

1-Wire Interface: Standard 1-Wire bus functions
Colour: green
Connection type: Screw terminal/s for cable up to 2.5qmm (~ AWG 13) cross-section
Data interface: Industrial 1-Wire Bus (5V, 1-Wire Data and Ground (GND), Functional Earth (FE))
Design / Manufacturer: ESERA
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 25mm (LxWxH)
Execution: 4 pin connector
Function: Accessories
Humidity Operation / Storage: 10% to 92% (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection (IP = protection class according to DIN EN 60529), protection class (DIN EN 61140 (VDE 0140-1):
  • IP20
  • Protection class III with functional grounding
  • Wall mounting
  • inwall mount
  • wall mount
Number of inputs / outputs: 1-Wire Bus Interface
Plug and Play support , Auto-E-Connect Support: No
Power supply, Supply Voltage: System supply, 5VDC (1-Wire main voltage)
Protection circuit:
  • Enhanced ESD protection with ±4kV according to IEC 61000-4
  • Reverse polarity protection for voltage supply / power supply
  • Signal line overvoltage protection (1-Wire Protector) provides protection against high voltage faults up to 28VDC
  • Signal line overvoltage protection against high voltage faults
Scope of delivery: Device and Quick Guide, the User Guide (Manual) can be found in the download area as a PDF download.
Temperature range, operation: -5°C to +50°C, standard temperature range
Temperature range, storage: -5°C bis +50°C, Standard temperature range
Version: Professional Version / Professional Serie

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