WAGO Codesys Function expansion for 1-Wire Controller 1

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Product number: 40200
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Product information "WAGO Codesys Function expansion for 1-Wire Controller 1"

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Function extension of the 1-Wire Controller 1 for WAGO / Codesys (1-Wire Controller 2 currently not supported)

With this function extension, you can establish a direct connection between a 1-Wire Controller 1 Ethernet and, for example, a WAGO PLC controller. The data is supplied to the Codesys environment via our software module. You can download the software module free of charge from us.

In the demo version only 3 blocks / modules are released. After activating the function extension, 30 sensors or actuators are available.
To activate the function key of the 1-Wire Controller, connect the Config software to the Internet and the 1-Wire controller.
After receipt of payment we will activate the function key for your 1-Wire Controller 1. The function key is permanently stored in the 1-Wire Controller 1.

How is this function key activated?
In the following the steps in telegram style:

1. please download the software package for the 1-Wire Controller 1 and install the "1-Wire Config Tool 2"
2. register within the "1-Wire Config-Tool 2"
3. mark the function key 1
4. we activate the function on our server after receipt of payment.
5. synchronize all function extensions and transfer the new function key to the 1-Wire Controller 1
6. Now you can use all functions of the KNX-Grot software module


The function key you purchased is only valid for the ordered 1-Wire Controller 1 and cannot be transferred to another 1-Wire Controller 1.



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iButton / RFID Fast Mode - Function extension for 1-Wire Controller / 1-Wire Gateway
iButton / RFID Fast Mode - Function extension for 1-Wire Controller / 1-Wire Gateway   Function: with this software function extension the 1-Wire Controller / 1-Wire Gateway queries connected / learned RFID key fobs / cards and/or iButtons extremely fast the status information of the RFID units or iButtons is then transferred to the higher-level control (software, such as IP-Symcon or FHEM) via the 1-Wire Controller / 1-Wire Gateway the "if-then" logic, e.g. when an RFID unit or iButton should trigger a function, is programmed in the software The 1-Wire controller / 1-Wire gateway does not perform any logic tasks in this function extension, i.e. no output for a door opener is triggered Applications: With this function extension you can implement a door opener function or time recording via RFID unit or iButton. You activate the function extension via the Config-Tool (configuration software of the 1-Wire controller / 1-Wire gateway). Instructions can be found in the Config-Tool in the help file  

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