USB Cable 0.5m A-B

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Product information "USB Cable 0.5m A-B"

USB cable 2.0 o.5m length, A plug to B plug

- 0.5m length
- USB 2.0 standard
- Color gray, black or transparent - Picture similar

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1-Wire Bus Coupler USB Pro, isolated
1-Wire Bus Coupler Pro with USB interface, isolation and external power supply With the professional 1-Wire Bus Coupler USB V3 a stable and electrically isolated connection of the 1-Wire network and a PC, mini computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) or to many other controllers is established. The 1-Wire Bus Coupler USB is compatible with the serial version of Maxim, DS9097 and DS9097E, and works with a standard DS2480 1-Wire master device. By using the 1-Wire standard interface module (DS2480), the 1-Wire bus copller is compatible with all controllers that support this module. These are for example IP-Symcon, FHEM, OpenHub and many more. A special highlight of the 1-Wire Bus Coupler USB V3 is the external power supply. This significantly increases the operational reliability of the data connection to the computer and prevents problems caused by unreliable USB power supplies. The use of more expensive USB hubs is no longer necessary.For the 1-Wire network the 5V output voltage is provided. The insulation prevents interference from and to the PC and reduces possible "electrosmog" in the house. The insulation also increases electrical safety.Individual 1-Wire sensors can be connected directly. For a 1-Wire network, the use of a 1-Wire hub is recommended. Data interface USB 1.1, with FTDI FT232RL Chip (Virtual COM Port) Compatibility To DS9097U 1-Wire Adapter SerialApplicable for many software, such as OWFS, IP-Symcon, FHEM, which is intended for the DS9097U (DS2480 device) Drivers for different operating systems in the download area of this article. Display LED Power and data 1-Wire device DS2480R+ Power supply 9-32 VDC max. 500mA (power supply unit see accessories) Control Control by all devices and controllers that support the DS2480 (serial master) Dimensions 85 x 32 x 70mm Protection circuit Reverse polarity protection for 1-Wire output and supply voltage Isolation Between 1-Wire bus and PC interface min. 500VDC Scope of delivery Finished device and operating instructions

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Product number: 11302-U

KNX USB Interface 1TE, Weinzierl 312
KNX USB Interface USB KNX Interface for extending the ESERA station for integration into KNX systems The KNX interface is used to establish a bidirectional connection KNX network between the ESERA station or a PC and the installation bus KNX. The connection is established via USB cable. The device can also be used as a programming interface for the ETS. The device is supplied via the USB and KNX bus and does not require any additional power supply. The LEDs on the front of the device visualize the connection status, the telegram traffic and communication errors for USB and KNX. It supports KNX Long Frames and is used to establish a bidirectional KNX network connection between a PC and the KNX installation bus. Interface: USB port is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus. The interface is compatible with ETS (Engineering Tool Software) from ETS3 and higher. The device has a complete KNX stack with communication objects and BAOS protocol V2 implemented. Thus it offers the possibility to extend the ESERA station or other devices with USB connection to full KNX functionality, which can then even be programmed by ETS. KNX interface KNX Bus Twisted Pair, Compatible with ETS from ETS3 on, support of KNX Long Frames, USB connector is galvanically isolated from the KNX bus. The interface is compatible with ETS (Engineering Tool Software) as of ETS3, the device has implemented a complete KNX stack with communication objects and BAOS protocol V2. Thus it offers the possibility to extend devices with USB connection to full KNX functionality, which can then even be programmed by ETS. KNX data interface: Terminal for KNX BUS (red / black) Protocol: KNX Stack with communication objects and BAOS protocol V2 Supply voltage: KNX bus and USB Power consumption approx. < 100mW (USB) or <100 mW (KNX) Dimensions: In-line installation, installation width 1 TE, 18 mm Connection: Terminal for KNX BUS (red / black), USB socket, type B Manufacturer / Type Weinzierl / KNX IP BAOS 721 Assembly: Designed for top hat rail Scope of delivery: KNX Ethernet Interface, Data Sheet

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Product number: 16004

eBus Coupler USB
eBus coupler USB: eBus to USB data interface for PC, Raspberry Pi and Co.Application With the eBus coupler you have read and write access to the eBUS e.g. of your heating.With appropriate software you can evaluate data of your heating and send new values via eBUS to your heating control. FeaturesThe ESERA eBus coupler is equipped with a galvanic isolation between eBus and PC interface.The eBus input is bipolar, so you do not need to pay attention to the polarity of the eBus when connecting.The housing of the eBus coupler is designed for control cabinet installation.As data interface to your PC, the eBUS coupler is equipped with a USB interface of the manufacturer FTDI. Drivers for Windows, Linux and further operating systems are available via the FTDI page.Note: The eBus coupler is not supported by Vaillant vrDIALOG software. A very good example (VWMon by Alexey Ozerov) for reading eBus data can be found among others here or the project Fhem here Note: We recommend to use a USB hub with power supply. This ensures a continuous power supply independent of e.g. a Raspberry Pi.

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Product number: 12001