Ethernet injector RJ45

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Product number: 43008
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Product information "Ethernet injector RJ45"

Ethernet injector RJ45 for power supply of a device via CAT cable
Power over Ethernet for 10/100 MBit CAT cable

Can be used e.g. for
- 1-Wire controller 1 Ethernet
- eBus Coupler Ethernet
- 1-Wire Bus Coupler Ethernet

Cable length: approx. 15cm each
Colour: White
Scope of delivery: 2 x injector cables (input and output) without power supply unit.

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1-Wire Controller 1, intelligent system interface
1-Wire Controller 1 Ethernet, the intelligent system interface to all Smart Home controllers Note: If the device is not available, we recommend the new model, the ECO 10. Here you can find the ECO 10 controller. Whichever system you want to use, the intelligent system interface (1-Wire Controller 1) is ready for it. If you have e.g. a controller from Loxone, WAGO, Smart1, IP-Symcon, BAB technology, ..., no problem. All systems can access 1-Wire sensors and actuators via the intelligent interface (1-Wire Controller 1). The 1-Wire Controller 1 enables the integration of all 1-Wire sensors to all controllers such as PLC or PC systems without having special knowledge of the 1-Wire protocol. The 1-Wire Controller 1 represents the self-sufficient management of 1-Wire sensors and 1-Wire actuators (e.g. switch modules) of a 1-Wire network. It automatically detects new 1-Wire sensors / actuators and cyclically delivers the tested and sensor-adapted values. The output is formatted as ASCII characters and sent via the computer interface to your controller. For example, temperature sensors provide you with the temperature in C° plain text. The device has extensive configuration and formatting options, which can be read and operated using ESERA Config-Tool 3 or a terminal program (e.g. Hercules). Up to 30 1-Wire devices can be read out in parasitic and standard mode every 2 seconds (parasitic system dimming is limited to approx. 5-8 temperature sensors). The 1-Wire interface is designed for operation for all sizes of a 1-Wire network. Would you like to know what the difference is between a blue USB adapter, a 1-Wire bus coupler and the 1-Wire controller? Yes, here you will find a comparison of functions and equipment. Data interface 1-Wire to Ethernet (TCP/IP or UDP) Number of 1-Wire and iButton devices 30 pieces Supported Chips DS2401 (electronic key (iButton)), DS1820, DS18S20, DS18B20, DS2405, DS2406, DS2413, DS2408, DS2423, DS2438 and DS2450 Supply voltage 9-30VDC Output 1-Wire Interface GND, Data, +5V max.0.2A Dimensions 2HP, 32 x 71x 90mm (WxHxD) Assembly Designed for top hat rail Connection Screw terminals Scope of delivery module (without power supply) and operating instructions. Program for configuration and readout as download

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