Reed contact installation/mounting, 5m

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Product information "Reed contact installation/mounting, 5m"

The reed contact / magnetic contact is used as opening detector for monitoring doors, housings, windows and for smart home systems.

The housing variants of the magnetic switch incl. the magnet as built-in and surface-mounted version allow an optimal adaptation to the object to be protected. It is suitable for both recessed and surface mounting. As protection against sabotage (bridging protection) a connection cable with four wires of the same colour is used.

The surface-mounted housings are designed so that the contact can be installed in both directions. To ensure magnetic decoupling in the case of ferromagnetic objects, or to compensate for any height compensation, spacer blocks are supplied with the surface-mounted version. It can be mounted on a door frame, a window block or on the standing surface of an object to be monitored in such a way that an alarm is triggered if it is opened or lifted by more than 2 cm.

  • Class B                       according to VdS GmbH (Damage prevention GmbH)
  • Material:                      PA
  • Magnet:                       Diameter 6 mm x 19 mm Neodymium, axially polarized
  • Protection class:          IP 67
  • Connection cable:       4-core
  • Cable length:               5 m LIYY ZGL 4 x 0.14 mm² Cu tin-plated LSA insulation,displacement technology suitable.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 35 x 10 x 10 mm
  • Color:                           white
  • Contact type:               1 - pole NO contact
  • Contact dimensions:    6 x 19mm
  • Mounting flange:          6x6 / 10 mm for magnet and contact; for wood,  plastic, aluminium and non-magnetic metals


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ESI 400 4-fold push button interface, 4 channel switch input
With the ESI 400 4 Channel Switch Input Module, push buttons, switches or reed contacts can be (magnetic switch) can be interrogated. For example, the status of doors, windows, roof windows, fire dampers or a garage door can be recorded. A reed switch is only to be attached at a suitable place and connected to the ESI 400 module. The Status LED flashes when the status of one of the inputs has changed. Even short switching pulses, e.g. from buttons, are detected by the ESI 400 4-Channel Switch Input Module and stored until the next readout cycle.The ESI 400 module can be connected directly to switches or buttons. No external voltage is required for the switches. The ESI 400 module can be supplied with 5V - 12V operating voltage. Function 4 digital inputs for querying push-button or switch No external voltage for buttons or switches necessary Short keystrokes are also stored until the next readout cycle Digital inputs with filters for "calmed" buttons / switch queries Very small housing, intended for installation in flush boxes number of inputs 4 digital inputs for push-button or switch pulse duration at least 40ms Operating voltage Pushbutton / switch approx. 5V DC voltage with approx. 1mA current inputs are connected to the ground potential of the operating voltage (bus interface) Connection length inputs Cable length per input max. 20m Bus interface 1-Wire bus, interface with DS2408 command setThe data line operates with typ. 5V voltage Operating voltage 5 - 12V DC voltage (+/-10%) with max. 20mA current consumption Display LED display for power and status change of the inputs Connection Screw terminals 0,2 - 1,5qmm Cable cross section Dimensions 43 x 43 x 25mm (LxWxH), optimized for installation in flush boxes Protection class / IP class Protection class III, IP20 Scope of delivery Device and operating instructions in German, English Manual via download

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