1-Wire S0 counter board

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Product information "1-Wire S0 counter board"

1-Wire Dual S0 counter, board

Unassembled printed circuit board for the construction of a 1-Wire Dual Counter.

Counter module is designed for energy metering of two independent electricity, water and gas meters. All S0 devices manufactured according to DIN 43864 with isolated S0 interface can be connected.
The counted pulse states are maintained for several days by the internal voltage buffering and can be read out via the 1-wire BUS with a time delay.
A maintenance-free GoldCap (high-performance capacitor) is integrated to buffer the meter values.

Note: The counter reading cannot be reset.
Accessories: IC DS2423 (counter module)
Installation note: The 1-Wire Dual S0 counter is designed for panel mounting
Connection: 2 S0 counter inputs via screw terminal
Supply voltage: 5V 1-Wire Bus, no additional external power supply necessary!
Power consumption: 5V, both LED's active 4mA
Scope of delivery: Unassembled industrial quality board without components or housing. Building instructions per download
Note: Small SMD components must be soldered on the board

Connection type: 2 S0 counter inputs via screw terminals
Mounting: Intended for control cabinet installation (top-hat rail).
Power supply, Supply Voltage: System supply, 5VDC (1-Wire main voltage)
Scope of delivery: Device and user manual
power consumption: 5V approx. 1mA, 12V approx. 5mA (both inputs active)

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DS2423 1-wire dual counter / counter module
DS2423 1-Wire Dual Counter Module / DS2423 1-Wire Dual Counter Function: Dual counter module for 1-Wire network 2x 32Bit counter Housing: 6-pin TSOC SMD Housing Supply voltage: 2.8V to 5.25V Module not resettable. For further data please refer to the data sheet Hint:We recommend to connect a 100nF (0.1µF) capacitor (see accessories) in parallel to the 1-Wire device, i.e. from 5V to GND. The capacitor should be placed as close as possible. This increases the stability of the entire 1-Wire network.

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