Software and Logic

We are a global collaborative ecosystem for the Internet of Things, developing networks, devices and solutions with LoRaWAN®.

The Deutsche Telekom provides LPWA networks (Low-Power Wide-Area, NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE for Machine Type Communication (LTE-M) for many IoT use cases. It has good network coverage in Germany. We offer SIM cards from Telekom.

We are networking the Internet of Things. New innovative technologies are accelerating digitization in Germany. With our digital product and service portfolio, we support business customers.

Industrial IoT as a service. Using advanced analytics and AI, MindSphere powers IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud with data from connected products, plants and systems to optimize operations, develope better quality products and improve customer s

Your tools. Your frameworks. Your cloud. Build on your terms using Azure plus your favorite open-source and community-driven tools and frameworks.

The IoT platform at the heart of your smart solution. Create amazing IoT solutions with akenza's low-code IoT platform. Thanks to its low complexity, your project will be up and running in no time! We are akenza partner.

Search. Observe. Protect. We offer enterprise search, observability and security solutions based on a common, flexible technology stack that can be deployed anywhere.

Solutions for production plants for the monitoring of energy consumption or production plants, for the acquisition of complex sensor data as well as the regulation and control of consumers of various kinds. Whether hot water generation by solar power.

IP-Symcon is one of the smart home software that has been on the market the longest. All possible systems can be integrated. Our hardware is completely integrated by software module. We use IP-Symcon in our company. Recommendable!

FHEM is a GPL'd Perl server for home automation. It is used to automate some common household tasks like switching lamps, shutters, heating etc. and recording temperature, humidity and power consumption.

Open source solution for smart home, IoT and automation that can be extended by users almost indefinitely. OpenHAB can connect many systems with each other. We support the system via MQTT and Modbus data interfaces.

Node-RED is an open source programming tool that connects hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and easy ways. It works as a browser-based editor that makes it easy to use procedures and many software modules.

Grot is a manufacturer of software building blocks for KNX Gira Homeserver. HSConnect 1-Wire is a logic device for the Gira HomeServer that connects the ESERA 1-Wire controllers to the KNX world. The use of expensive hardware gateways is not necessary.

The WAGO PLC can be used flexibly, offers open standards, and simplifies your production processes as well as building applications. Offer includes software, HMI devices and control technology. Our ECO controllers are connected via Modbus.

The Loxone Smart Home System is a proprietary and commercial system. We offer sensors and a system extension via 1-Wire controller (for all 1-Wire sensors and actuators). You can find connection instructions in the Service and Support section