The measurement of temperature, whether in air, liquids or bodies is one of the most widely used environmental measurements. In extremely many technical processes, temperature is often important. Also for us humans.

A right rel. humidity is a vital environmental measurement value for people, plants and technology. If the values are too high, there is a risk of mold, while values that are too low are harmful to people. A correct rel. hum. is important in the ESD area.

In order to obtain a metrological value for the air quality in a room, VOC sensors or also called Air Quality Sensors are used today. These are, so to speak, an "electronic nose". These sensors have become very well known through Corona.

CO2 sensors are used in the field of heating and ventilation technology as a standard sensor for assessing the necessary ventilation performance. It should be noted that CO2 is only one component of the room air that is measured to assess the air quality.

Detecting fires quickly is extremely important, especially in industrial plants. In addition to the damage to life and health, this can also prevent or greatly reduce downtime. Early detection through smoke sensors.

Fine dust is generated by many natural and technical processes in our environment. Until now, the impact of fine dust on our bodies has been underestimated. Fine dust is the air pollutant with the greatest impact on our health.

Air pressure sensors or also called barometers belong to the group of environmental sensors. Fluctuations in air pressure affect the well-being of many people. The Environmental Measurement System (EMS) includes a very accurate air pressure sensor.

Differential pressure sensors are often used to monitor fans. In case of clogged filter mats in ventilation systems, the differential pressure measurement can be used to warn. In the data center area, the dynamic pressure at racks is important.

Ozone (O3) is a colorless to slightly blue gas that has a pungent, sharp odor. It is absorbed through the lungs and eyes. High O3 levels can cause irritation and damage. In environmental meas.ment techn., O3 is measured in order to take protective meas.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a gas that has both natural and anthropogenic sources. Natural e.g. in volcanic eruptions. Anthropogenic origin is in motor vehicle traffic and heating emissions. NO2 is a precursor substance of ozone.

Besides fire, leakage or ingress of water and liquids is the greatest enemy of technical systems. The quick detection of liquids can avert great damage. We have sensors for the detection of liquids in our program.