1-Wire 8-fold switch module 230V 8A with button inputs

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Product number: 11220
EAN: 0782321213153
Manufacturer product ID: 11220
Product information "1-Wire 8-fold switch module 230V 8A with button inputs"

Relay switch module with 1-Wire and push button interface

With this 8-fold switching module 8 DC or AC consumers can be switched via 1-Wire interface, via 8 external push buttons or the buttons on the module surface. This can be used to operate lighting, radiator valves or sockets, for example.
The module is designed for a load capacity of 8A per channel and a total of 10A continuous current.

1-Wire Interface: DS2408 instruction set with Plug and Play support (Auto-E-Connect Functions)
1-Wire Plug and Play System, Auto-E-Connect Functions:
  • Automatic Positioning: Advanced Plug And Play system for fully automatic positioning of the sensor / actuator in the ECO Controller
  • Automatic library mapping: The appropriate library is mapped fully automatically for the sensor
  • Classes Assignment: Output OWD sensor class via ECO controller
  • Electronic type plate: output of year of manufacture, software version, software revision, hardware version, OWD position, sensor finder function
  • Pre Configuration: Programming of the desired OWD for the next ECO controller, storage of the OWD number inside the device
Colour: green
Connection type: Screw terminal/s for cable up to 2.5qmm (~ AWG 13) cross-section
Data interface: Industrial 1-Wire Bus (12V, 1-Wire Data und Masse (GND))
Design / Manufacturer: ESERA
Dimensions: 2TE, 32 x 90 x 70mm (LxWxH)
Enclosure: ABS plastic with high percentage of recycled plastic, green (RAL 6020)
  • Pushbutton interface (binary input 10-30VDC, normally open contact) to control the outputs
  • Switching module 8x8A, total current 10A
Function: Digital output
Humidity Operation / Storage: 10% to 92% (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection (IP = protection class according to DIN EN 60529), protection class (DIN EN 61140 (VDE 0140-1):
  • IP20
  • Protection class II
Mounting: DIN rail, Top-hat rail or also called mounting rail. According to DIN EN 60715:2018-07, TH 35, formerly TS 35, a mounting rail with top hat profile is
Note: In the case of capacitive or inductive loads, appropriate additional circuitry, such as spark suppression capacitors, must be provided. Minimum load 10mA per output The max. current and power are reduced for non-resistive loads.
Number of inputs / outputs:
  • 2 x push button interface (binary input/pulse input 10-30VDC) to control the outputs
  • 8 x relay output, normally open contacts (NO), common current inputs for all channels
  • Relay output (NC, COM, NO)
Plug and Play support , Auto-E-Connect Support: Yes
Power Consumption: 0.156W, (min. 13mA), 1.92W (max. 160mA) all outputs active bei 12V
Power supply, Supply Voltage: System supply, 12VDC (1-Wire auxiliary voltage)
Protection circuit:
  • Enhanced ESD protection with ±4kV according to IEC 61000-4
  • Overvoltage protection for the voltage supply / power supply
  • Reverse polarity protection for voltage supply / power supply
  • Signal line overvoltage protection (1-Wire Protector) provides protection against high voltage faults up to 28VDC
Scope of delivery: Device and Quick Guide, the User Guide (Manual) can be found in the download area as a PDF download.
Temperature range, operation: -5°C to +50°C, standard temperature range
Temperature range, storage: -5°C bis +50°C, Standard temperature range
Version: Professional Version / Professional Serie

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Product number: 11322

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1-Wire 8-fold switch module 230V 16A with button inputs V2
High Power 8-fold switch module for 1-Wire bus system with push-button interface With this 8-fold switching module 8 DC or AC consumers can be switched via 1-Wire interface, via 8 external push buttons or the buttons on the module surface. This can be used to operate lighting, radiator valves or sockets, for example. The module is designed for a load capacity of 10A per channel (16A for 3 seconds) continuous current. Each channel has a separate current input. This allows you to switch 8 independent circuits with the maximum power of a 10A circuit breaker. The 8 external button inputs and the status of the relay outputs are displayed separately via the 1-wire interface. In addition, the status of the relay outputs is displayed via the 1-Wire interface, regardless of whether the relay output was switched via external button, internal menu or 1-Wire interface. Output 8 x relay normally open contacts (NO), separate current inputs per channel Switching voltage Direct or alternating voltage up to 230V Switching current 10A per output Continuous current, 16A for 3 seconds Interfaces 1. bus interface (1-wire bus) 2. push-button interface (binary input 8 x 10-30VDC, normally open contact) 3. manual operation via operating menu on the module top side Supply voltage 12V Only Interface 1-Wire interface, commands for DS2408 Power consumption min. 13mA (0.156W), max. 270mA (3.24W, all outputs active) Connection Screw terminals for 1-Wire bus, push button interface and relay output up to 2.5qmm cable cross section Dimensions 100 x 71 x 90mm (WxHxD) Accessories Back-up fuse per channel Scope of delivery Finished device, operating instructions

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1-Wire 8-fold digital input 10-30V
Application With the 8-fold digital input module the status of 8 switches, reed contacts or all kinds of digital sensors can be queried.The status of the switch inputs is displayed via the LED indicators on the front panel.When the input voltage is present, the respective LED indicator lights up.AdvantageYou can acquire 8 digital signals via one moduleVia manual keys you can simulate an input status without the input being connected. This is very helpful during commissioning or maintenance.Per ESERA extended Plug and Play system, called "Auto-E-Connect", the 8-fold digital input EDIN 800 is installed fully automatic in ECO Controller easy and fast.Features Interference resistant: To further protect the inputs against interference, the module has filters with a delay of only 30ms.Storage: Even short changes of the input signals are stored. So no signal or pulse can be lost between the reading cycle.Manual function: Each input can be set manually by push button for test purposes, maintenance or development.Isolation : The inputs are isolated from the 1-Wire network by optocouplers. This allows very long connection cables between the module and the sensors without interfering with the 1-Wire bus. In addition, the isolation between switch inputs and 1-Wire network provides increased safety.For the operation of the module we recommend the use of one of our 1-Wire Hub modules.Number of inputs8Input voltageLow: 0-5V High: 10-30VDC, (common negative)Input currentmax. 5mA per channel at 24VDC1-Wire Plug and Play System,Auto-E-Connect FeaturePre Configuration: Wish OWD storage Automatic Positioning: OWD enhanced Plug And Play Sensorfinder Function: LED display for sensor detection Classes Assignment: OWD class via ECO ControllerBus Interface1-Wire Industrial Bus with ESERA Auto-E-Connect System, Level I - III 5V, Data In, Data Out, Ground/GND and Ground (Earth, Functional Ground)Data interfaceIndustrial 1-Wire Bus (12V, Data and Ground), DS2808 command setLED indicators10 LEDs (Power LED, Status LED, 8 x Input) Input LED lights up at status high of the 1-Wire DS2408 interfaceIsolationmin. 500VAC against 1-Wire busOperating voltage12VDC, max. 40mA, all inputs activePower consumptionmax. 0.5W, all inputs activeConnectionscrew terminals (up to 2,5qmm cable cross section)Dimensions32 x 90 x 70mm (WxHxD), 2TE top hat rail housingInstallationIntended for switch cabinet installation (top-hat rail)HousingABS plastic with high percentage of used plasticGreen(RAL 6020)Temperature, operation-10°C to +50°CHumidity, operation10-92%, non-condensingScope of deliveryDevice and quick guide, operating instructions as download

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1-Wire dimmer 1 phase angle control, incandescent lamps, dimmable LED
Offer PriceWith the Dual Dimmer 1 you can dim and switch lamps very gently. The brightness of the connected lamps can be controlled or switched on/off by the touch dimmer function in the living room (extension input), by push-buttons on the top of the module and electronically via the 1-Wire interface. For the touch dimmer function any push-button from all switch ranges can be used. The dimming behaviour is always very soft and pleasant. The brightness can be changed by pressing the living room buttons for a long time, a short press switches on/off. The touch dimmer function works with 12V or 24V DC voltage, which does not cause any disturbance in the living area. This makes the Dual Dimmer 1 ideal for low-radiation areas such as bedrooms and living rooms. With the ESERA-Manual control, you can operate the lighting reliably. Everything works just like in a "normal house", even without smart home control or software. The 1-Wire bus interface is available for integration into your Smart Home control system. This dimmer can switch and dim dimmable LED lamps, incandescent lamps, high voltage halogen lamps (ohmic loads) as well as low voltage halogen (12V halogen) or fans (inductive loads) with corresponding power. Low voltage halogen lamps may only be operated in conjunction with a wound transformer.For the living room touch dimmer function it is sufficient if the Dual Dimmer 1 is supplied with the 1-Wire bus voltage (12V). This enables a "Smart Home Ready" installation in your building or apartment. This also results in extremely high reliability, as the lighting works when the smart home control is not yet programmed or fails. Function Dimmer with phase control for dimmable LEDs, incandescent lamps, high-voltage halogen lamps or low-voltage halogen lamps via conventional transformersNot suitable for lamps with electronic ballast, energy-saving lamps or fluorescent lamps. Soft start and soft dimming behaviour Storage of the last dimming level Status feedback of the push button interface Dimming levels readable Compatible with all 1-Wire controllers* on the market (*which can send and read standard DS2408 commands) Convenient control and extended functions via ESERA 1-Wire controller / 1-Wire gateway (from firmware 1.18_54) Output 2 dimming channels, (phase control) Output power: max. 460W (460VA), with LED illuminants max. 200W (200VA) and max. 6 LED illuminants Minimum load 6W Suitable for ohmic and inductive loads Manual control / control inputs (digital / binary inputs) 2 x push-button input (conventional control with living space - light buttons) 2 x module top side 1-Wire bus interface (GND, Data, 12V) Push button interface Number: 2 binary / digital inputs Functions: on/off/dimming (Up/Down) 128 dimming levels for very smooth dimming behaviour Soft start and smooth dimmer 10-30V DC voltage, max. 20mA Control current Electrically isolated from 1-Wire bus and dimmer outputs Status readable via data interface Connection Screw terminals for 1-Wire bus and dimming outputs (up to 2.5qmm) Isolation Electrical (galvanic) insulation Outputs to bus and push-button interface Push button interface for the use of any control voltage between 10 - 30VDC 1-wire interface Control and readback based on DS2408 functions 32 dimmer stages for smooth dimming behaviour Data output of the binary/digital inputs (push-button interface) Data output of the dimmer values 3-wire system, GND, Data and 12V Power supply 12VDC (max. 50mA) via 1-Wire interface Installation Designed for control cabinet installation (top hat rail) Dimensions/mounting Top hat rail mounting, 4 TE width, 32 x 90 x 70mm (WxHxD) Scope of delivery Finished module, operating instructions

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