Compatible control systems / control panels

For the Gira Homeserver there is a nice integration of the ECO 1-Wire controllers from our partner company Grot. Here is a short overview of the integration. Further details can be found on the website of

A professional integration of 1-Wire sensors and actuators in FHEM control via ESERA technology! A software module developed by a customer that is natively integrated into FHEM, now any ECO 1-Wire controller can be integrated into FHEM.

Integration of ESERA 1-Wire bus system into IP-Symcon software. In the following we would like to describe the integration of the ESERA 1-Wire bus system via the ECO 1-Wire controllers into the IP-Symcon software.

Integration of a 1-Wire network into the Loxone Miniserver or the Air via 1-Wire Extension or ESERA ECO Controller (1-Wire Controller). Basically there are two ways to integrate a 1-Wire network into the Loxone controllers.

Integration of 1-Wire Sensors and Actuators in WAGO PLC Control (Codesys) In the following, we would like to describe the integration of an ESERA 1-Wire Bus Coupler and ECO Controller into the WAGO 750 Series PLC via Codesys.