EOS 100 Multisensor Pro Outdoor

Product information "EOS 100 Multisensor Pro Outdoor"

Multisensor Pro 100 Outdoor for humidity and temperature

The EOS 100 is a professional outdoor multisensor of the latest generation for building, system and infrastructure monitoring.
The environmental multisensor measures temperature and relative humidity with high accuracy and wide measuring ranges.

The EOS 100 has internal power and status LED indicators. The sensor finder LED function allows the sensor to be found quickly in large networks. The
ESERA Plug and Play system, called Auto-E-Connect, installs the EOS 100 fully automatically in ECO controllers. The ESERA Auto-E-Connect system, which is an extension of the 1-Wire bus standard, has been registered by ESERA GmbH as a German and European patent.

The installation is done in a few minutes by Push In connection terminals.
With a sophisticated EMC and grounding concept, the environmental multisensor is well prepared for reliable operation in industrial environments.


  • Outdoor multisensor, waterproof
  • High measurement accuracy for temperature, humidity (200 - 300% more accurate than standard 1-wire sensors)
  • LED indicators for power, status and sensor finder
  • Auto-E-Connect functions
  • Processing of sensor values, therefore no complex formulas necessary
  • Shapely industrial housing
  • Universal outdoor sensor for IoT, industry and building automation
1-Wire Interface: DS2438 instruction set with Plug and Play support (Auto-E-Connect Functions)
1-Wire Plug and Play System, Auto-E-Connect Functions:
  • Automatic Positioning: Advanced Plug And Play system for fully automatic positioning of the sensor / actuator in the ECO Controller
  • Automatic library mapping: The appropriate library is mapped fully automatically for the sensor
  • Classes Assignment: Output OWD sensor class via ECO controller
  • Electronic type plate: output of year of manufacture, software version, software revision, hardware version, OWD position, sensor finder function
  • Pre Configuration: Programming of the desired OWD for the next ECO controller, storage of the OWD number inside the device
  • Sensorfinder Function: LED display for sensor identification. Let the status LED on the sensor / actuator flash for identification.
Colour: gray
Connection type: Push In terminal block
Data interface: Industrial 1-Wire Bus (5V, 1-Wire Data and Ground (GND), Functional Earth (FE))
Design / Manufacturer: ESERA
Dimensions: 82 x 80 (112 with "sensor finger") x 52 mm (WxHxD)
Enclosure: ABS plastic, light gray (RAL7035)
Execution: 4 pin connector
  • Multisensor, temperature, humidity
  • Sensoric
Humidity Operation / Storage: 10% to 92% (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection (IP = protection class according to DIN EN 60529), protection class (DIN EN 61140 (VDE 0140-1):
  • IP62 with housing mounting of the external sensor ("sensor finger") downwards, otherwise less
  • Protection class III with functional grounding
Measurement values:
  • Air humidity, relative humidity, rel. %
  • Temperature, °C
  • Wall mounting
  • wall mount
Note: Compatibility: Unfortunately the Loxone 1-Wire Extension does not support the functionality of this state of the art sensor. Here we recommend the use of an ECO Controller as interface.
Plug and Play support , Auto-E-Connect Support: Yes
Power Consumption: 0.1W, 20mA at 5V
Power supply, Supply Voltage: System supply, 5VDC (1-Wire main voltage)
Protection circuit:
  • Enhanced ESD protection with ±4kV according to IEC 61000-4
  • Internal backup capacitor / buffer / block capacitor between 5V and GND for stable operation of 1-Wire sensors, highly recommended for industrial use
  • Overvoltage protection for the voltage supply / power supply
  • Reverse polarity protection for voltage supply / power supply
  • Signal line overvoltage protection (1-Wire Protector) provides protection against high voltage faults up to 28VDC
Scope of delivery: Device and Quick Guide, the User Guide (Manual) can be found in the download area as a PDF download.
Temperature range, operation: -25°C to +70°C, Extended temperature range 1, (E1)
Temperature range, storage: -25°C bis +70°C, Extended temperature range 1, (E1)
Version: Professional Version / Professional Serie

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