For YOU we monitor / supervise important and critical infrastructure and plants!

Smart building, data center, energy grid, municipal supply systems and cooling and heating chains. From our sensors and controllers, you get critical operational data, alarms, status messages and precise measurements delivered to your software system. Whether local or in the cloud, we send you the data by wire or radio and send the result back to the actuator.

More than 5000 customers in more than 30 countries trust in ESERA products since 2009.

Plug and Play - User friendly - Robust

Products - seen from the customer's point of view!

Every one of us knows products that are complicated to install and operate. This is exactly where we start.

Simple and user friendly

should be our devices. We look at the devices/hardware from the customer's point of view. Our goal is to develop devices that are "fun" to use and can be installed and ready for operation in a short time.

Plug and play, user-friendly and robust

Especially in the field of modern sensor technology for IoT/IIot, smart building and environmental measurement technology, there is a lot of potential to simplify installation, commissioning and maintenance of sensors.

Plug and Play is the magic word!

Install sensors fully automatically. With our patent-pending system "Auto-E-Connect" we have made it happen. Connect the sensor and after 10 seconds you will receive the first measured values. It's that simple!

In the beginning there is the sensor!

In the beginning there is the sensor! We develop smart sensors that deliver precise measured values and also provide important data that makes many processes possible.

Sensors and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Since the beginning of 2022 we have sensors that work with AI technology (dynamic machine learning). Advantage for you, even more precise measured values. Achieved by independently and optimal adaptation of the sensor to your environment.

Edge Computers used to be, we manufacture Edge Sensors.

The advantage for you, you save valuable time and thus a lot of money.

Especially when installing a large amount of devices, the savings should be high. The time saved already refinances the devices to a certain extent.

From the sensor to the dashboard, the ESERA Auto-E-Connect System  

We offer a system, from the sensor, patented plug and play bus system, controller, to the fully automated dashboard. Everything from a single source.

It should be user-friendly

Clear input masks without frills.

Robust devices for many years 

Sturdy construction and attention to detail. 

Made in Germany! Proven and patented technology for demanding applications.

Live Time Management / Life cycle monitoring 

When was a sensor manufactured? In industry, many systems are designed for a service life of 10-15 years. With one click you will get the information when, how long, the sensor has been doing its job and you should plan for a new sensor generation (hopefully with us).

Predictive Maintenance Is there new software for a sensor? 

Just read out the sensor via ECO 1-Wire controller. You will get firmware and hardware status of the sensor.

Our solutions

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