Temp-Humidity Sensor Board

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Product number: 11805
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Product information "Temp-Humidity Sensor Board"

1-Wire temperature, humidity and brightness living room sensor, surface mounting,
unassembled board

Unassembled board for the construction of a living room sensor for temperature, humidity and brightness.
The circuit boards are industrially manufactured, plated through and provided with solder resist.
The product photo of the assembled PCB shows only an example of a completely assembled board.

Printed circuit board for Multisensor / living space sensor for accurate temperature and humidity measurement. A DS18B20 sensor is used for temperature measurement, and a high-precision Honeywell sensor is provided for humidity measurement. The light sensor has a measuring behaviour similar to the human eye and therefore reacts specifically to visible light and not to UV light as with many sensors. The light sensor is suitable for detecting sunrise/set.

Scope of delivery: Unassembled board in industrial quality without components or housing. Building instructions per download
Note: SMD components must be assembled on the board.

1-Wire components

DS18B20, temperature
DS2438 Multisensor for air humidity

Temperature sensor



0.5° in the range of -10°C - 85°C


9-12 bits, 0.5°C-0.0625°C/bit, depending on the selected resolution

Air humidity sensor

Capacitive sensor (Honeywell HIH4000 series)


3-8% in the range of 5-95% relative humidity (non-condensing)



brightness sensor

Sensor adapted to the sensitivity of the human eye

Measuring range 2 - 7000 lux


9 bit, approx. 0.32% humidity

1-Wire connection

3 - conductor connection (data, ground and 5V, parasitic operation not supported)

Operating voltage

5 V= (+/-10%)

Power consumption



RJ45 modular socket and Push In terminal


Printed circuit board: 67 x 67mm (LxWxH)
Installed in sensor housing: 71 x 71 x 32mm (LxWxH)

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Sensor housing white
Sensor housing white Ideal for temperature and humidity sensors Housing with ventilation slots, surface mounting Colour: White Material: ABS plastic Generous ventilation slots at the top and bottom Mounting provided for printed circuit boards Dimensions: 71x71x27mm (outside), 67x67x23mm (inside)

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Product number: 43210

DS2438 Batterie-Management Smart Battery Monitor
1-Wire Battery Management Smart Battery Monitor with Temp Sensor Type/designation DS2438Z+ Housing SOIC-8 (SMD) Supply voltage 2.4 V to 10 V Function Temperature sensor Analog Input 0-10VDC (VAD) Analog Input 0-250mV, +/- (Xsens) Measurement Operating voltage (VDD) Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C Details See data sheet The DS2438 is a Smart Battery Monitor and is used in its original function as a mobile phone battery monitor. For automation, especially in the smart home area, it is also used for other functions: as voltage meter (supplies the bus voltage (VDD) as thermometer - the temperature is measured AD-Converter (VAD) - is used to measure humidity or brightness Current input (XSENS) - freely available Hint: We recommend to connect a 0.1µF capacitor (ceramic) in parallel to the 1-Wire device, i.e. from 5V to GND. The capacitor should be placed as close as possible. This increases the stability of the entire 1-Wire network.

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Product number: 42006

DS18B20 1-Wire Temp Sensor
DS18B20, 1-Wire Temperature Sensor Temperature sensor with high accuracyTemperature range: -55 - +125°CSupply voltage:      3 - 5.5VHousing: TO 92Accuracy: ±0.5°C from -10°C to +85°CHint: We recommend to connect a 100nF (0.1µF) capacitor (see accessories) in parallel to the 1-Wire device, i.e. from 5V to GND. The capacitor should be placed as close as possible. This increases the stability of the entire 1-Wire network.

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